Implementation of the Forestry Department of fiscal 29 year preoccupation with wood promotion month

Spread the significance 0/2005 using the wood from the Ministry of forestry, operates as a national movement to increase domestic timber preoccupation with wood movement. Especially October as a preoccupation with wood promotion month this year various events across the country will be held. Saga, 10/22 Imari timber market in 12 County timber Festival (Bai's-can Festival)"

* Ministry of forestry website"" target="_blank">in 11/5 saga city


 October is a month nationwide or nature trail walk

Cars these days, every day how do you walk? Ministry of the environment carries through every October and advocates awareness month nationwide or nature trails to walk and walk the nature trail, nature and friendship and to deepen their understanding of the nature of objective events. Long distance nature trails planned by the Ministry of the environment is widespread throughout the country, the total is nicknamed echo

Than * Environment Ministry of nature conservation Bureau National Park National Park use Promotion Division "NATS nature love Club"" target="_blank"> a Kyushu Kyushu nature trail extension 2920 km. Detailed routes please see NATS nature love Club home page. In addition


 Saga Prefectural Museum of sci-fi DNA exhibition

Saga Prefectural Museum of fine arts, craftsmanship DNA exhibition of sci-fi monsters from the 9/29 held the 11/5. Godzilla in Japan and was released in 0/1954, miniature, plush sci-fi culture monster to China was opened. This exhibition focused on the work of the sculptor created a monster to attract children and adults and, exhibit dioramas and miniatures, such as tanks and rocket 200 Super suit monsters such as Godzilla and Mothra. Special skills coach job zone" and "sculptor work zone"
touch! Godzilla's skin

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